We offer large variety of Shellac Quality, which is highly accepted in world wide market. We are well recognized manufacturer & supplier of shellac de waxed powder in India. We provide shellac within the specified time and as per customer requirement too.

Dewaxed Bleached Shellac Powder
Slownik Shellac
Shellac 03
Shellac 01
Shellac 02
Orange Shellac (Machine Made Waxy Shellac)
Acid Value65-76
Ester Value110-175
Saponification Value175-240
Wax Content5.50% max.
Moisture2% max.
Rosin ContentNil
Arsenic1.5 PPM max.
Heavy Metals as Pb10 PPM max.
Insolubility in Hot Alcohol1.00%-1.25%
Flake StructureMedium